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One thought on “Contact

  1. Debjyoti Paul says:

    In a programming assignment I have asked to implement Test and Set lock, with POSIX threads… Each thread will execute the following code..
    register int p, q, i, j; // Thread-local
    BARRIER(…); // Start measuring time here
    for (i=0; i<N; i++) {
    for (j=0; j<K; j++) {
    for (j=0; j<M; j++) {
    } // End measuring time here
    a[MyID*FALSE_SHARING_AVOIDING_PAD] = p+q; // This is to make sure that the compiler
    // does not optimize away the entire code.
    could you please help me in implementing the AQUIRE and RELEASE function using "cmpxchg".. I am naive in this …
    Thanking You,
    -Debjyoti Paul

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